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For the Voiceless

Just Everything.

My Crazy completely incoherently coherent


Why have I been so versed in being cursed

With the imaginings of my mind?


Why must I be we tortured in a dark cool place

But feels like justice for my soul somehow


Had I crimed in another life?

Is this my punishment?


I’m sorry for my crimes and I beg Your release

Let me make it right so my soul can be free and have peace


It’s what we feel, not every one as deeply, and some more

We all feel on different levels


We believe we must be cursed


One thing I know to be true somehow

We are the special ones


We feel we’re cursed

Because Source filled/feeled/fueled us with such force


We’re here to change the world


We have to allow

Ourselves to Heal on Earth now

Because our time has come


There’s only one thing the world needs now is Love and Good


We are the special ones

And we feel…

Just Everything


I see you, my loves.

I hear and feel you and love you, my loves.

You have a voice and you will always be my tribe.