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I wrote a nonfiction/self-help/personal development book on the methods that are benefitting me and improving my anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Since it’s helping me, I figured it can help you.

I share the methods that help me to overcome some of my greatest obstacles, such as overwhelm, guilt, shame, negative self-talk, loving myself, forgiving myself and others, showing up, doing the work, putting myself out there, making HUGE changes to my life, and facing all kinds of hairy scary monster fears, among other things. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I helped myself to improve and overcome. I want to help you, too. Overcoming means this type of work has to be continual. Healing is not a “one-and-done” type of thing. It’s about doing the daily work and changing your mindset.

A little history-

I’ve been a storyteller since about the age of 6. I’d make up stories, songs, and poems and tell them, in secret, to my three dolls and stuffed animal, Peaches the Wonder Dog. 🙂 Then, at 7, I found my grandparents’ old antique Royal typewriter, started tapping those keys, and that’s where my dream was born of being a writer of books. Well, that and a secretary. I became the secretary for pretty much the majority of my life. I also published a few essays under another name but this is the first non-fiction book that I’m getting out into the world. I’m currently seeking representation.

Why did I wait so long to answer that call? An ugly four-letter word. The F word. FEAR. He’s the devil. But I’m kicking Fear in the pants and doing this thing anyway. Because I can…

And so can you. You can do anything. You can have what you want. All you have to do is have a little faith in yourself, a smidge of self-love, and just enough crazy to grab onto a bit of courage and take radical inspired action. Once you do that, there’s no stopping you.

Oh, and even the baby steps count. Hey, forward is forward. And forward is progress. Even falling on your face is progress, because it shows you’re still trying.

The direction of this blog-

I have spent the majority of my life struggling with despair, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and, sometimes, living on the edge of flipping my off-switch, mostly because I did not know how to process my emotions/experience with trauma. Both therapists I had dropped the ball, and none of the 7-10 antidepressants I tried worked for me, so I felt alone in my healing.

At the point where I was just days away from ending my suffering, I received what I can only describe as the beginning of my awakening. I will explain pieces of this throughout the blog and in the new book I’m currently writing because this information is for everyone, and you also can connect to this universal consciousness/Source/Spirit/God (not the God you might be conditioned to) whenever you choose to disconnect from Ego (I’ll explain how to do this in future blog posts and in the book). However, I am still processing the information, because IT’S A LOT! But it’s ALL good. I tend to get in my own way because I keep finding my humanness, which blocks me from accessing the information, meaning I doubt and I fear and I blame and I get angry, and this is like putting an iron wall between me/Human Ego and the Real Me/Consciousness/Allowing, which blocks me from Higher Consciousness.

This may all sound Woo Woo to you. It does to me, too, so I get you. It’s all quite strange but I’m learning to embrace the strange, because when I was open to it, it was blissful, and I had never experienced bliss to this level.

For the beginning of the blog, I will be the voice of anxiety, depression, and trauma, feeling lost, for many reasons – for those “normal” people who do not understand what it’s like, – for those narcissists and bullies who do not understand nor seem to care what it’s like, – and for those of you that are where I was, in all those dark moments, not wanting to be here… when you could not find your way out of the darkness… when you couldn’t find your voice.

I want you to feel seen and heard and understood.

You may feel differently than I did, as we all experience on different levels and different perspectives, and some feel so deeply because we are empathic. So, many of the feelings we feel aren’t even ours to carry but we do feel them because many of us absorb energy from others as well as from the craziness going on around the globe, and we don’t know how to block or protect ourselves from this. At least, I don’t. I think we are all empathic, honestly. Just, perhaps, on different levels. It’s most likely why people numb themselves with addictions, to escape the feelings. We gotta do what we gotta do to get through the day, ya know? No judgment here. I numb myself still (alcohol, delta 8 THC + CBD gummies).

Just know a few truths you may not be aware of-

You are loved unconditionally, no matter what you have ever done, no matter what you still do. There’s nothing you can do to escape that love.

You are worthy of good things, of wonderful things, of everything you want for your life, and you are supported. You have an entire support system.

You are beautiful.

You are special.

The sun, the sunlight, the warmth, the healing, the flowers, the grass, the rain, the beauty – it was all created for you. You, individually. You, collectively.

You have more power inside of you than you could possibly imagine.

People are waking up all over the planet pretty rapidly. We will all eventually awaken. It’s just a matter of time. The more you seek, the more (and faster) you will find. When you’re ready, immerse yourself in the seeking.


Writer, Road Tripper, and Lover of Mountains. I live and breathe to shrink the planet, one story, and connection at a time, with the intention of creating a more peaceful and compassionate world for my daughter and further generations. I live in a small town in Mississippi with my two hairy monsters (a border collie named Riley and a kitty named Jes). I enjoy time spent with my family, playing with and training my dog, taking road trips around the U.S. and Canada, hiking, a great cup of coffee, a lovely spot of tea, and a nice glass of wine. Oh, and …um… CHOCOLATE!!!

Connect with me-

Follow my journey to publication! Or hang out just for the quotes and tips I post on Instagram. Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and/or send an email through the Contact Page. I will be starting a private Facebook Group shortly and I’ll be updating that here, as well, once I do.

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